In 1980, Pearl International was established in Los Angeles. The founder, Azhar Paracha used his experience gained from the hurly-burly of the Hong Kong watch industry where he had cut his teeth. Quickly integrating into the Los Angeles scene with fun and fashion watches, Azhar made his mark with buyers. Volume quickly grew in the first year as retailers snapped up his innovative and funky designs. As years passed, the trade and the public appreciated the beautiful design work and sound quality of Pearl's merchandise as well as its reliable service.

With all these years of experience, it is therefore inevitable that in 2005, which coincides with the silver jubilee of the company, the brand FUEL was introduced. Only a short time in the market, the U.S. registered brand FUEL is already causing a big stir in the watch industry and has established itself as one of the prestigious brands in the international market. Comparisons are being made between FUEL and other top-brands like Breitling, Tag Heuer, Franck Muller, etc. The reason is simple - FUEL brings excitement through its exquisite designs, precision technology and the right combination of classic and contemporary elegance.

Still, beauty is superficial unless back-up with quality. That's why every FUEL timepiece glistens with luxurious qualities - solid 316L stainless steel; sapphire crystals; genuine setting diamonds; 5 ATM water resistance; 10 micron gold plating; finest Swiss movements; top quality Italian leather straps ... In other words, qualities that one would associate with big brand name watches.

Design and Quality, however, are not the only factors that distinguish FUEL from the rest. For a high quality watch, FUEL is really unmatched when it comes to retail price. This is possible due to the company's effective control of overheads, marketing and distribution costs.

All these factors translate into one thing - FUEL timepieces can, and will, stand toe-to-toe with top Swiss brands.

2012 will see more exciting FUEL products! A new line of 18k gold and 18k white gold jewelry with sparkling VVS diamonds will be introduced. This, coupled with an enticing selection of high quality accessories, will definitely become the perfect companion to our FUEL diamond watches.